Welcome to Ickle Pickle Play!

Looking for something different for your Ickle Pickle’s birthday party?

Need something to entertain the kids at your wedding or event?

Then have a look at what we do!

We cater for Under 5’s generally but can offer bespoke parties for older children too.
We get kids active! Actively crafty, actively singing, actively playing…all whilst actively learning!

Our Ickle Pickles can create something to take home, enjoy parachute play, singing and interactive stories not forgetting simply having fun by running around playing games with us and their mums and dads.

The Ickle Pickles will love the unique craft packs that double up into games and interactive tools for parents. Wanna make and play STOP GO Hands, or Strawpedos, maybe the Crocodile Clip Game? Then simply join us at our weekly sessions or call to discuss your event.

All Ickle Pickle Play parties and events include crafty fun giving your little ones chance to show off their creative side.

Daddy time! Ickle Pickle Play will be offering a ‘beefed up’ monthly session for Dad’s and their little ones! Quality Daddy and Ickle Pickle time…without any fluff! More to follow

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Feel free to drop me a message or give me a call on 07734 822 335.